South America – Crazy Female Solo Traveler

Real thoughts from a Mexican-German female traveling alone in South America:

  • Ok, the bus is definitely going to drop me off on a street corner. Good. What’s my weapon?
  • Crap. I have no weapons.
  • Kick him in the balls if he tries to take my bag.
  • This bunk bed is definitely going to break.
  • This boat is definitely going to sink.
  • Maybe I’ll get a tattoo!
  • Is the drink this man bought me safe or is it poisoned?
  • It’s probably poisoned.
  • I had a shower before bed. So why are my fingernails so dirty?
  • If I don’t peddle much faster on this bike, that rabid dog will most certainly kill me.
  • Maybe that kind-looking homeless woman will watch my bag while I go pee.
  • I’m so proud of myself!

In summary: I didn’t die from rabies, boat capsizing, or poison; and I didn’t get a tattoo. But I did South America, and it was fucking awesome.

See you soon, Canada. xo.


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