Telenovela episode 7 – The One At The Airport

So I know a ‘Mexicans’ update is overdue.

The day they left, we had mixed emotions.  My aunt – my beautiful and lovely aunt – was leaving us.  She was a staple in our lives for what seemed like forever.  From the instant she got here, we loved her.  She took care of us in ways that were unspoken, by burdening herself with drama so that we could have more quality time with my Dad.  What a woman. I almost can’t even remember her being here now, it seems like that was a different life … was that really just 2.5 months ago?

Oh, Mexican #2 left as well.

Imagine now – two Mexicans approach a security gate. For some reason they each choose different lines, even though exactly zero other people are nearby. (Why? Because we’re in KAMLOOPS). My aunt looks nervously at me after an officer addresses her in English, and so in Spanish I tell her to put her bags on the carousel thing. She does this, and then proceeds to walk right past the security officer while then choosing to physically lift a plastic blockade-gate out of her way.

I wonder what she must have been thinking … “Hello officer. I’m so afraid of your English-ness that I’m going to walk right past you and into the sign that says, DO NOT GO BY ME. I don’t want to go through that metal detector, so I think I’ll find a way around it.”

Chaos ensues. I start waving my hands frantically and calling her back in Spanish while the officers freak out like there is some sort  of bomb emergency and we only have seconds left to live. I almost got mad at them for being so crazy to her, but instead I just said, “Hey buddy, its her first time flying and she doesn’t speak English, give her a break ya?”

This wasn’t a day for me to get mad at anyone.

I re-direct my aunt to go through the metal detector; she passes. She turns to wave at me and starts beaming like a little kid; just like my Dad used to. It melts me.

teresa and jesus

While I’m busy melting, here comes Mexican #2. She looks like she’s going to have a nervous breakdown, but places her bags on the carousel thingy, and then …

My brother behind me snorts uncontrollably, and while I didn’t laugh, I will say that it was kind of an unbelievable thing to watch these two clueless women walk through a podunk YKA security gate.

I walk forward, basically now at the metal detector myself, look apologetically at the officer and clarify for Mexican#2 in Spanish that no, you cannot walk through gates with big red, “X’s” on them. He takes her through the metal detector.

Now I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’m filled with extreme concern.  Will they even get on the plane itself?!

When I get home I can’t sleep. I am consumed with worry about their Vancouver transfer.  These women should not be left alone in airports. I check the YVR departures like it’s the only cure for my malady, until finally the status changes to, “Departed”. I don’t let myself get too excited.

And then. Four hours later, some guy who stars on Border Security from Immigration hasn’t called me. My brother and I high-five.

The Mexicans, my friends, are gone.

Telenovela Episode 6; The One Where They See Ghosts

Ok, so the Mexicans see ghosts.


Or well, my Dad is ghost form.  Now when they told me these stories, this had me thinking a couple things:

1. What the hell Ghost-Dad, why didn’t you come visit me?
2. There has to be a rational explanation …
3. What if ghosts are real? Eeek!
4. My Dad wouldn’t be a ghost.  He’d be a spirit or something, or an angel I guess? He never looked good in a white nightgown anyway.
5. Just thinking about ghosts makes me so scared to even look around the room as I type this.  I have to save this draft and come back to it, because I am freaking myself out …


Ok, I’m back. So here is what they experienced, these Mexicans of ours …

1. My cousin’s husband gets in his truck to warm it up. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the volume turns up to MAX.
2. My aunt feels chills and sees my cousins one year old pointing oddly at nothing.  He’s jabbering to himself, pointing. He walks away, still pointing at nothing, and walks into a room where the rest of the family is sitting.
3. A semi-truck passes my family’s vehicle. My cousin SEES MY DAD driving this semi-truck. He’s waving and smiling at her.
4. My brother’s dog won’t stop barking the day the Mexicans return from staying with my cousin in the Kootneys, and the day of the catholic mass funeral thing.
5. My other cousin’s 1.5 year old daughter, sees me crying at the catholic mass funeral thing. She comes and sits with me, and pats my leg. My aunt immediately says my Dad’s spirit has taken her to comfort me. Say what!!!!!

So now I think to myself … 

1. My Dad never liked loud music. Why would he turn it up all the way? He would hate that.
2. The baby thing is freaky.  I don’t have an explanation, other than maybe he’s deranged?
3. Seriously, who is driving that truck? My Dad is in a pretty urn in my living room. So …
4. This is also weird.  She did this only on this one day.
5. Uhh … kids be cute and able to sense when others need comfort … right?

Well, I’m not more clear about the existence of spirits.  If anything, I’ve had more nightmares and awoken in a sweat several times thinking my Dad is hovering around me, which I don’t appreciate and don’t think my Dad would ever do because he knew I hated scary things. But … the day my Dad died I swear I saw a figure standing in the reflective mirror at the hospital; then again I had only slept for 2 hours in 3 days and my eyes were essentially molten tears … surely, that is why …

gus ghost