Music Monday! Superorganism – Everybody Wants To Be Famous

I felt pretty famous last week. I graduated from McMaster, with distinction and as Valedictorian, carrying with me a Bachelor of Midwifery as I left. It was a surreal and perfect few days, and I feel like I’m still soaking in the moments that happened. I mean, how do you process standing in front of a huge crowd of hundred of people and sharing your life lessons with them? More on that later, I promise, I’m still soaking at this time.


I can feel life changing underneath my feet. There’s so much mometum in the air that it’s disorientating and I’m unable to keep up with.  At night, sometimes, I just sit on my couch, listening to music; and I just let myself feel all the changes.

I’m graduating.

I got a job.

I’m moving to Toronto.

I’m up for Valedictorian.

I have been to more than 115 births.

I’m fucking graduating!

Life is shifting. It’s spring and things feel fresh, albeit still cold af in Ottawa. Soaking in that shifting feeling, sorry I’ve been absent, this shit has been real hard.xo.