Fitness Tales – Episode 7, Stretching Gossip

So at the end of every fitness class, we do some stretching. We mostly stretch our vocal chords by gossiping about this or that, or updating on the latest in Kamloops.

Last Friday, the topic of the Juniper community garage sale comes up, and I ask more about it. Fifteen ladies all stare at me, agape, not completely understanding why I don’t know about it.

“It’s huge!”

“It was bumper to bumper last year!”

“I don’t even go now because it’s impossible to find parking.”

“I think the Dallas one is tomorrow.”

Waaaaaait a second. I. Live. In. Dallas.

And you’re saying … that everyone in the city knows to just come to Dallas to check out yard sales and buy things from people … tomorrow?!

I have a bunch of random things … and people will be purposefully out looking for them in my neighbourhood tomorrow. Could this be fate?!?!