Myanmar: 11 things to do in Inle Lake

These are the things I did, and, they ruled big time. If you go to Inle, you can do your own things, if you like, but I highly recommend you do something similar to what I did because it was really, really fun.

1. Hire a long boat and cruise around the lake for a day. Or two. Or three!

2. Explore the serene, hidden temples in the far reaches of the lake.

3. Socialize with the locals.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the Burmese people are the kindest people I’ve ever met. There are signs around Myanmar that say, “Warmly welcome” and I can’t imagine there being a better slogan for this country. Take some time aside to say, mingalabar (hello) to the locals and you won’t be disappointed by the interaction that follows.

4. Have a lake side lunch in the jungle.

5. Visit the floating gardens. 

6. Watch the local fisherman delicately dance their way to a catch.

7. Bike around the lake with free bikes offered by the Song of Travel hostel and really see the Inle culture up close.

Just biking past a tractor, or three, nbd.


8. Hike up to fantastic pagoda’s with views like this:

9. Check out the local farmer’s markets near the centre.

10. Bike from a floating village to the mainland via this old wooden bridge.

11. Visit the Red Mountain Estate and Winery (for the view, not the wine).

Note: If you are pedal-biking, the hill is a doozy and you will sweat your heart out. In fact, that terrible wine may not taste so terrible after that monstrous mountain.


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