Happy birthday and happiness: Two years. 

It’s been two years since I was atop Machu Picchu thinking only of my Dad. I still think of him daily, wishing  I could call him from the slow boat in Laos and chat with him about my adventures.

  I watch longingly whenever other travelers call their families, but then shake myself out of it and remind myself that I have a built a wonderful life that I’m leading happily now. I’m still working out the griefy kinks but I think it’s almost there; this trip I’m on is healing.

The last few years have been the hardest of my life, and that’s exactly the reason that I am committed to adventuring and being present. Even while pursuing a new career, I commit my dollars to adventures. I scrimp on luxuries year round so I can go travel. Or come home for Christmas. Because you never know when you’ll run out of the opportunity (or ability) to do what makes you feel alive, or to see those you love; and, because you can always make money back.

What makes you feel happy and alive? What doors can you open to get yourself there? 

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