Thailand: an birthday party with elephants.

My birthday present to myself was a day with elephants. 

No. Big. Deal.



On this tour, we did not ride elephants. Elephants aren’t made for riding, and the ones that are doing it aren’t trained ethically or treated well, so I specifically sought out a company that did not do this.  As much as it would be cool to ride them or see them paint a picture, it just isn’t what elephants are meant to be doing. I didn’t need the riding to have an amazing experience; some awe-inspiring quality time getting acquainted still happened, and it happened so hard.


We bathed with them. We mud-spa’d with them.  We fed and cuddled with them. We got really, really close to them!


    We met a pregnant one (two-year gestations, yikes!). We met a baby one. We met a 65 year old one. We met a male with a huge penis that was a little disconcerting…


The locals fed us the best meal I’ve had in Thailand thus far, let me nap in a jungle hammock for 20 minutes after lunch, and taught us just how gentle and loving these animals can be. I may have shed a tear when I really took a moment to absorb it all.  

Making some medicine balls for the elephants as a treat!


Here comes the baby!!


My heart is so full of happy and that’s exactly how I hope the elephants are feeling too. How did you bring happiness in to your day today?


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