Thailand: The Best Thai Cooking Class

The cooking class was one of the best activities I did in northern Thailand and I recommend it to anyone visiting Chiang Mai. We went to market to learn about the ingredients and then to the farm to learn all the cooking skills. Luckily (or not) I am bad at cooking, so it proved entertaining for all, and I even almost burned my face off!

Below are some pics of the series of events, culminating in 6 dishes including pad Thai, mango sticky rice, coconut soup, curry, cashew chicken, and papaya salad (not pictured because it was way too fucking spicy and I was busy trying to save my mouth from burning in spice hell). Be sure to try this if you visit, or come over to my house someday this year and force me to recreate my new favourite dishes!

All sorts of tofu



Pad Thai


Hardly the type of farm I am used to.


My perpetual state of confusion left me at least 3 steps behind everyone else.


mango sticky rice is so good!



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