Thailand: first Thaipressions in Bangkok

If you’re frequent reader you’ll know that I said I was traveling South  East Asia for the summer. So, drum roll; after a long flight, I have finally arrived in Bangkok  on what I think is Thursday. Fourteen hour flights are no joke, and also it’s fucking hot (said every lame tourist who ever came to Asia).

Transit from the airport to my hostel was really easy, taking the airport train to one station and easily transferring to the only other option. I settled into my hostel, had my first of many pad thais to come, and saw all the temples. Thailand is 95% Buddhist.

On day 2, after spending a whole morning and early afternoon trying to sort out my next travel stage (and just get my bearings), I decided I needed to get out and try to find a seamstress who could fix my bathing suit. I found her, but I also found other things…

Nevermind the offers of fresh fruits, bargain street clothing, or custom tailored dresses, while   out, I was also offered everything from Prozac, to dildos, to cocaine. 

I also came across many a recognizable chain, like Dairy Queen and Burger King. This would have made me feel right at home were it not for the 39 degree 86% humidity heat blanket that I was wearing everywhere I went. I have never appreciated air conditioning so much.  

While exploring the Sukhumvit district, I happened upon a little park where people where doing exercise. One notably sweaty, Caucasian gentleman, who must of been in his 60s looked like he was trying really hard! After pausing for about 12.2 seconds to take that in, I motored on to walk down a street called Soi Cowboy, which is where the Hangover Part II is filmed.   


Next up I’m heading to the Thai islands in the south. It’s time for some beach and fun!    


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