Friday Fact! Home Birth in Ontario

Did you know?

  • —About 25-30% of midwifery clients in Ontario plan a home birth. All women have the right to a choice of birthplace.
  • —Since 1994, medically trained midwives have attended approximately 25,000 home births in Ontario.
  • About 21% of all midwifery births in Ontario are at home. The remaining 79% of midwifery births are in hospital.
  • Two midwives attend every home birth, one to manage the labour and care for mom, while the other prioritizes baby. Then they both help clean your house!
  • Research shows that perinatal and neonatal mortality rates are equal between home and hospital births for normal, low risk pregnancies.
  • Women who plan a hospital birth have a cesarean delivery rate of 8.1%, whereas only 5.2% of women who choose a home birth move to hospital for a cesarean delivery.
  • The most common reasons for transfer to hospital are for pain relief (epidurals are not offered at home) and slow labour progress, not some sort of impending doom emergency.

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