Lessons I’ve Learned from a Midwifery Placement

  • You can and will get up, even when you are deliriously exhausted.
  • You can and will perform what you need to.
  • You can do things you never imagined you would do.
  • You will ask thousands of questions.
  • You will receive constructive feedback. Then you will absorb it, work on it, and let yourself sleep at night.
  • You will get many do-overs.
  • You can and will forget an important piece of clothing, or show up in the night wearing mismatched socks.
  • You may get a bit teary around the midterm, but that’s usually the worst day. It gets better from there.
  • You will meet amazing families who inspire you.
  • You will meet some odd families who puzzle you.
  • You will have crazy but stimulating weeks of intensity.
  • You will be covered in all sorts of fluids. Wear scrubs!
  • You will feel inadequate, foolish, silly, and lonely.
  • You will feel extraordinary, inspired, courageous, and happy.
  • You will be unbelievably proud; of yourself, and of the mothers who you support.
  • The impossible is possible.

Midwifery is hard, but, you will.


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