A (long?) weekend in the placement life.


3:45am – Page from Preceptor 2. Client believes her membranes have ruptured. We will connect her on a 3-way call. I frantically leap out of bed, trip over my confused cat, and run for my binder with cheat questions for what to ask. I get to it just as the client answers the phone. I ask all the questions, forget one important one, and we agree to meet at the clinic at 0530 to confirm the rupture of membranes. I think to myself, “Why did I go to bed at midnight? I totally just screwed myself!”

5:30am – Confirm ROM at the clinic. Make our way to the hospital and begin labour.

8:30am – Sneak away to drive home. I am facilitator at this week’s online tutorial, FML. Make it right at 9am. Luckily, my friends have my back and load the PPT ahead of time.

9:00am – 12:00pm – Facilitate tutorial. I make weird jokes. I’ll probably be deducted for lack of professionalism, but, well. I’ve been up since 3:45am and went to bed at midnight before that, so.

1:00pm – Back at hospital. Labour with client, she’s picked up.

3:00pm – Get call from Preceptor 3. “Hey, wanna come to a birth?” I walk down the hallway to her room, and 30 minutes later a baby is born in the hospital tub.

5:00pm- Client 1 still labouring. I finish recovery for Client 2, and Preceptor 2 asks if I want to practice suturing on a placenta. We ask the client’s permission, and then we practice. I feel delusional because I’m so tired, but find this really very helpful.

10:00pm- Client 1 requests epidural, which is a transfer of care.  We stay with her until she is all set up, tuck her in for a sleep, and give care over to the nurse. Preceptor 2 sends me home for a sleep. I have to call a friend to chat to ensure I don’t drive off the road.

11:30pm – Finally fall asleep.

Saturday Calendar Clipart

1:50am – Page. Eff. We have to go back, the labour ward is swamped and they need us. Change into clean, new scrubs and head out.

2:30am – Have weird interaction with stoner kid at Tim Hortons drive-thru who is lamenting to me about how tired he is. He gives me a decaf coffee. Kid, I’ve been up for like 22 fucking hours, I don’t really give a shit about your unexpected night shift. GIVE ME MY CAFFEINATED COFFEE.

2:45am – Labour with client. Make hilarious jokes and bond with nursing staff and OB on call.

5:00am – Drive home for little sleep. Collapse in bed in my scrubs.

7:30am – Page. Client is getting ready to push. I’ve never wanted to not do something so much in my entire life. Listen to “Don’t worry be happy” by Bobby McFerrin to happy myself up.

9:14am – The mother and I deliver a beautiful baby girl. OB teaches me to suture. I’m shaking as I hold the needle driver, not because I am nervous to do it, but more so because I am so bleeping tired. I am running on adrenaline. Where are we at, 30 hours of being awake, plus a couple little naps?

10:30am – The giggle cascade begins. Doesn’t matter who I am with, everything is funny.

1:00pm – My dramatic Grey’s Anatomy moment.

2:30pm – Discharge client. Magically float back to my car. Call a friend to ensure I don’t crash and die on the way home. It’s beautifully warm outside.

3:30pm – Fall into bed. Turn phone completely off – Preceptor 2 and I agree not to receive calls until 6pm.

8:00pm – I forgot have a date. I make it, but I’m not confident I’m great company. The live music at the pub includes The Eagles, Beatles, and all sorts of my jams. I feel like I’m drifting in a dream.

10:00pm – Sleep. All the sleep.

Sunday Calendar Clipart

10:00am – Where am I? What’s going on?? FML it was daylight savings.

11:30am – Meet Preceptor 2 at hospital. She got paged last night for a birth with a client who doesn’t want a student; I don’t even know how she’s standing. I have a whole new respect for her. We make our way to our clients home for a day 1 post partum visit.

3:00pm- Day 5 post partum visit with client who delivered last week.

5:00pm – Drive home. Work on paper that is due Monday. That’s tomorrow right?

11:00pm – All the sleep.


9:30am– Wake up. Still feel messed up from the 36 hour ++ day on Friday – Saturday but working on it. Have to submit a paper by midnight tonight. Good thing I did a bunch of pre-reading last weekend to stay ahead of this due date.

7:00pm – Submit paper to tutor. Feel a sort of glorious freedom. Decide I will watch a movie and rest my brain for the evening. We have clinic tomorrow, plus one home birth client overdue, so I may need this rest.


8:00am – Meet Preceptor 2 early to prepare charts. We had no time last week, what with 5 births. (I didn’t mention the ones before the weekend, did I?)

9:00am – 4:15pm – Run clinic.

4:30pm –  Day 3 post partum visit with client. Perform newborn screen. That always breaks my heart a little, poking the babies and trying to get their blood. An important test, but nonetheless. I do it as best I can.

6:30pm – Bootcamp.

8:00pm – Dinner. Meal prep. Sleep. The weekend is over, right? What day is it?

A busy weekend, but a really great one. So many things learned!



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