13 midwifery things I can do now!

The written midterm exam is over and instead of complaining about all the things I don’t know how to do (cue last post) I thought I would summarize all the things I can do confidently now, after only 2 months. Look at me go, little junior midwife!

  1. I can insert a urinary catheter, alone, with good sterile technique.
  2. I can take blood like a boss, including from a woman actively labouring on all fours on a hospital bed in a weird position.
  3. I can do a newborn assessment in no time now.
  4. I have done one stitch supervised by an obstetrician who teaches how to suture at McMaster, and a complete second degree repair (one stitch only though) on another client. All that knot tying practice in front of Netflix shows paid off!
  5. I can assess infant vitals and maternal vitals contemporaneously, adequately, without supervision.
  6. I can interpret this electronic fetal monitoring strip: EFM1
  7. I can deliver a placenta like a boss, and I give a great placenta tour to clients.
  8. I can administer intramuscular vitamin K and oxytocin injections to baby and mom respectively.
  9. I can lead almost all post partum and prenatal visits, with little assistance.
  10. I can deliver a baby in the tub, and all sorts of other positions.
  11. I can set-up for a home delivery, including emergency equipment.
  12. I can write a prescription.
  13. I can do this!

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