A week in the placement life. A birth storm week.

A sample week in a busy midwifery student life. A poem (not really) by ME.



8pm – Overnight birth with Preceptor 1. This is my second 24 hour awake birth within one week. I have no idea what day it is anymore.


7:30am – Cancel clinic because the birth progress is slow. Our administrator has to reschedule all our clients to Wednesday.

5:00pm –  Leave hospital after birth in scrubs. Shockingly not that tired, considering I’ve been up for more than 24 hours.

5:30pm – Meet Preceptor 2 for 37 week home visit. Client expecting her second baby at the end of February.

7:00pm – Grocery shop in scrubs tucked into winter boots. It’s student discount day, after all, ain’t nobody looking charming in this store today.

8:00pm – Hasten to make frozen pizza and spinach salad. Use all energy to eat it. Check emails.

10:30pm – Crash in bed. Sleep restlessly and hallucinate getting phone calls for births.

Wednesday Calendar Clipart

9:00am – Clinic. Realize I was supposed to meet Preceptor 1 at 8:00am at the hospital for a day 1 post partum visit but completely forgot. This is not like me, and I am utterly embarrassed. Luckily, she is kind. Lead all visits confidently, and buy her a coffee, to try to make up for it.

5:00pm – Prep charts for subsequent week. Write 3 consult letters to doctors, including one for a paediatrician because a baby had a reducible umbilical hernia that needed looking at.

7:00pm – Thirty minute commute home from clinic.

7:30pm – Dinner.

8:00pm – Homework. Reading. Facebook. Texting everyone back.

Midnight – Collapse into bed.


3:21am – Call from Preceptor 2. Woman labouring at home and we are needed as a back-up. “Her third baby, get here safely/fast,” she says. It’s snowing lightly and the air is still.

4:12am – Baby girl born in beautiful water birth while her siblings slept in the neighbouring rooms.

5:30am – Drive home in snow storm. The air is not so fucking still anymore.

6:30am – Finally begin to fall asleep.

9:40am – Begrudgingly pull myself out of bed. Quick shower. Commute to a Week 1 post partum visit with Preceptor 2.

10:30am – Week 1 post partum visit with Preceptor 2. Counsel on breastfeeding and check for jaundice.

11:30am – Meet Preceptor 1 at the hospital for another client’s post partum day 2 visit.

12:00pm – Drown in discharge paperwork for hospital client. They sure like to duplicate paperwork.

1:00pm – Spend time at clinic finishing next week’s chart prep with Preceptor 1. Chase lab results from a series of family doctor offices who can’t seem to fax complete information for some reason.

2:00pm – Drive home.

2:30pm – Lunch and nap. Hard.

4:52pm – Preceptor 1 calls; we are needed for a back-up in the hospital. Woman delivering first baby, she’s started pushing.

6:04pm – Baby boy born. I administer oxytocin, do mom and baby vitals, complete back-up paper work.

7:00pm – Leave hospital. Text friends that I will be late for dinner. Luckily, they are fellow Level 3 midwifery students. They get it.

8:00pm – Make pizza and socialize with friends. Feels amazing to laugh and chat. I feel like I’m extra hilarious tonight – probably the exhaustion (though, let’s face it, I am pretty funny).

11:00pm – Finish tutorial homework with one eye open.

12:30pm – Fall asleep with computer on my lap.


9:00am – Thank the heavens there were no births. Roll over, log in to tutorial online. Somehow complete tutorial without looking as unprepared as I felt.

12:00pm – Coffee. Lunch. Nap.

5:00pm – Wake from nap. Watch movie. Consider going to bed forever.

9:00pm Write in blog, bed. Words. Don’t have them. Still on call. Goodnight.


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