NC Placement, Week 2

It’s been another busy week. I am still feeling really happy with the work and the opportunities I’m being given to learn. Sometimes, when I’m lifting the baby weight scale sling, eating a grilled cheese that a labouring client has made for me, or swaddling a newborn and handing it to its mother, I think quietly to myself … I can’t believe I’ll be paid to do this.  It’s a huge volume of knowledge to learn, and a lot of responsibility, but it also feels easy and pleasurable. I can’t say that everyone in my cohort is having a similar experience, so I am very grateful for the placement that I am in.

I will say, though, that I’m exhausted. Every day I come home emotionally, physically, and mentally wiped out. I haven’t slept like this since well before my Dad died. All day I’m memorizing procedures, relentlessly writing down tips and tricks, and performing physically demanding tasks.  Midwifery is mentally challenging and physical, and last week really made that clear.

My body found itself:

  • contorted sideways to catch a baby over a toilet at my very first home birth;
  • kneeling on the ground to listen in on baby’s heart rate, every 15 minutes;
  • squatting to support a labouring client’s entire body weight, and;
  • performing a hip squeeze behind a woman who was labouring on all fours ON the hospital bed. You have to use a lot of strength for that, never mind balance to prevent yourself from falling off the hospital bed!

My mind found itself:

  • calculating drug dosages and mixing narcotics into IV bags
  • remembering how to hang an IV bag and start appropriate drip rates
  • memorizing all the hospital protocols
  • sorting through the mounds of paperwork required at both home and hospital births, and the acronyms/details required of midwives to note in the chart.

In addition to our home visits and clinic appointments, we had two births last week (I caught both babies!), and so it’s no wonder that I’m tired. I’m struggling a bit to keep up with the weekly tutorial work, but things should ease up next week since we don’t have any expected clients due. In the mean time, I’ve taken Sunday off call to sleep in, clean my house, meal plan, see my friends, and knit. Hurray for personal time.

Let’s see what next week has in store!


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