Clinical skills – finally!

It only took a year and a bit in the program, but we are finally here. We are officially learning CLINICAL SKILLS!

The sweet and beautiful moment that my prof pulled out the sterile gloves was the same moment I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement. I oooo’d and ahhhh’d at every instrument and little thing she pulled out, and by the time she pulled out the fake arms for us to practice IVs I almost had to excuse myself because I think I was bordering on unprofessional giddiness. I’m sure my prof thought I was insane, but a few of the gals afterward told me my enthusiasm made their day. Benefits of having lost that filter, I suppose.

In four hours we learned the basics of sterile fields, hand washing, venipuncture, IVs, and intramuscular injection. We practiced on oranges, prodded each others arms to find veins (no injections, just finding veins), and learned to fill needles with medication. My brain, sufficiently full and happy to the brim with knowledge, was exhausted at the end.

Special bonus: we were given a few supplies to take home to practice with. As you can probably imagine, I now spend most of my free time injecting all the fruit in my house with water.

It was a pretty life fulfilling day. See below for some sample shots of the morning!



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