Nueva Mama Tip: What do normal fetal movements feel like?

The first fetal movements are called the “quickening” (love this word) and in general, fetal movements:

  • Are felt between 18 – 20 weeks of gestation. Mum’s who are having their second baby’s can sometimes feel movement as early as 16 weeks.
  • Can be considered a reflection of fetal well being.
  • Average 31 movements per hour.
  • Are seen to increase until about 32 weeks gestation and then plateau.
  • Typically follow short sleep cycles (no movement) of 20-40 minutes (rarely more than 90 minutes)

[Original post:]

[Original post:]

Midwives will often say that women should feel 6 movements every 2 hours, during one 24 hour period. That means if you wake up and feel 6 little kicks in the morning, you are good for that day. You likely won’t see a midwife encourage fetal movement counting in the pregnancy, as it might lead to undue anxiety when a healthy baby doesn’t move as much. Certainly, any new mom who isn’t feeling those 6 little morning kicks in the first two hours of the day, or hasn’t felt movement in over two hours, should check-in with her health care provider.



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