The midterm grump rises

Last week was a crazy one, and I can’t say that midterms bring out my good side. I have been group studying and cramming as I go, and slowly losing my mind. The way the schedule worked out last week didn’t allow for anything else – we learned some amazing skills, including how to run IVs, give injections, and do pelvic exams … all while trying to study for two major midterms (Pharmacology and Reproductive Physiology). By Thursday, I had written the Repro exam, learned all the above skills (apparently I’m an expert now?) and was exhausted from a morning (albeit amazing morning) of pelvic teaching.


Now, picture how this grumpy jerk came to exist …

  • Thursday, 8:20am – 2:30pm: pelvic teaching
  • Thursday, 2:30pm – 3:50pm: cram cram cram for Pharmacology exam in library
  • Thursday, 3:40pm: friendly cohort friends ask me how I’m doing and are rudely greeted with, “I NEED THESE 10 MINUTES.” They walk away, completely understanding.
  • Thursday, 3:58pm: Sonia walks into Pharm exam, severely hypoglycemic. Tells classmates this and is offered an apple from the left, a granola bar from behind, almonds from the right, and cookies from in front. HOW AMAZING ARE THESE WOMEN?!
  • Thursday, 4:00pm: meet my doom in the Pharmacology exam. Smack myself in the head a few times during the test to get my brain working until the glucose from the food kicks in.
  • Thursday, 6:00pm: learn of some changes in the trades process that affect where I’m placed. Stay tuned for more on this soon.
  • Friday, AM: Begin studying for Clinical Skills exam coming up this Wednesday. EGAD.

I will have an update on my placement shortly; in the meantime, send me good vibes on Wednesday, please!



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