2016 NC Lottery Results

My class Facebook page was a flurry of activity yesterday. It all began around 9am, with everyone on edge waiting to receive that fateful email about where we will be placed in January.

Last week, only those who fell out of the first lottery and had to reselect to participate in the second lottery were notified of their placement situation. If you didn’t fall out, you didn’t get any communications until yesterday.

At about 4:30pm, everyone in Level 2 was told what the NC placement the lotteries spit out for them. For me, it was one of the 14 choices I submitted. For others who didn’t fall out, it was one of their top 4 choices.

Looks like I’m moving to London!

Immediately I had questions: will I have to adopt a British accent? Will I be able to find a place for 4 months that accepts cats? Will it feel more or less like home than Hamilton currently does? Will Ontarians be the same or different there?

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.31.50 AM

A quick Google search revealed some interesting facts about London:

  • Halfway between Toronto and Detroit
  • Population: ~366,000
  • Canada’s 11th largest municipality
  • It has a Sherwood forest. I bet Robin Hood lives there in his tights!
  • Home of the University of Western Ontario
  • Annual snow falls average 2 meters per season, due to snow squalls and lake effects originating in Lake Huron.
  • The cute and trendy area is called, “Wortley” … interesting name choice …
  • Between 1959 and 1984, London contained the largest concentration of serial killers in the world. Sweet …

My next step: participate in the Trades period while concurrently looking for places in London. In Ontario, tenants give 60 days notice before leaving a rental, so this process can start now for mid-December.

The Trades period involves me putting my London placement out there for trading with other students from the 3 MEP schools who want to try to trade their placement for a better one. We aren’t obliged to give up our spot, though; we can specify where we would be willing to trade to, and if something comes up that I am interested in, I can do a direct trade. Evidently, I’d be interested in trading with someone who was awarded a Hamilton, Winter placement. If that doesn’t come up for me, then I will hold on to my placement and move to London.

Trading occurs next week.

For now, I study my face-off for midterms. Check out this screen shot of my study sheet for the midwifery drug list. Their interactions, indications, how they are administered, how they work physiologically. 50+ drugs to learn … oy vey … my brain …

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.41.56 AM


6 responses

    • It’s so complicated Julitownsend! I suppose there aren’t enough placements and midwife preceptors for all 30 students in the Hamilton area, so we have to branch out. How many students are placed in Australia?

      • I’m out of touch and I’m guessing things have changed since I last worked in Midwifery as we lived overseas for ten years. I guess midwives from country areas have to move closer to cities to study, but perhaps the problem lies with the preceptors. Do they need special qualifications? I think any qualified midwife can be a preceptor here.

      • I think any qualified midwife can be a preceptor, but some choose not to for personal reasons, and others to focus on their work in other areas (research, client focus, teaching, etc.). We are still a growing profession here as well, so my thought and hope is that once we have more graduates there will be more preceptors to fill the need.

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