Falling out: The Facts

The facts are as follows:

  • I fell out of the lottery. This means that I didn’t get any of the four choices that I had submitted to the first lottery.
  • I’m frustrated.
  • I have been offered around 20 more choices by the program, but they aren’t great. I have been given the option of about 10 winter placement choices (running from January – April) plus approximately 10 summer placements (running from May to August).
  • I am to submit my top 14 of those 20 choices for a second lottery by tomorrow.
  • I don’t know where any of these twenty-odd places are.
  • I’ve moved 10 times in the last two years. Big, cross-country moves = 5.
  • Wait, rewind. That’s five cross-Canada moves in two years. Eff.
  • I’m so done with moving.
  • I’m scared to tell Gemini that we most certainly are moving again in January. She’s going to be maaaaad.

Those are the facts. More next week.


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