Level 2 Learning: Furious and Steep

Well, Level 2 of the MEP is furiously underway, and it doesn’t matter how old I get, I will always pretend that “it’s not so bad” in the first few weeks of school and then subsequently be rudely awakened by the realities of life at the end of September.

There. Is. So. Much. Knowledge. To. Absorb.

OBVIOUSLY, instead of absorbing it, I did a little bit of retail therapy… 

My 2008 Mac is finally entering its final stages. I figured, I will need a new computer very soon anyway. This one is significantly lighter, faster, and up-to-date. It’ll give me a clean slate to do work on as I moved forward.

[That’s what this broke-ass student is telling herself, anyway.]

In other news my classes are keeping me busy learning all sorts of new fun things. This past week alone I’ve learned how to resuscitate a baby in an emergency, help to deliver a baby presenting anteriorly, which drugs we can prescribe and what for, how to take a blood pressure and evaluate a heart beat … and more. This is me, right now:


To be fair, though, I’m actually blown away by how much knowledge they have shoved into my brain in 4 weeks. I’m still not sure I can midwife yet, but I’m certainly on my way. We have amazing instructors who are leading us down the path to be excellent clinicians, and I’m trusting them to keep me afloat. A few photos below of us learning in action are below.

CS practice  

This last photo is evidently not me studying, and instead Gemini, wondering why we’ve moved AGAIN and why I always seem to be sitting in this rolly chair reading and typing.

Speaking of reading, our week-long reading break is coming up the week of Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to turkey in Toronto at H.’s, studying with a more relaxed pace and sleeping. So much sleeping.

We also find out about our placements that week. Stay tuned to see if I make it to midterms and where I might be placed!


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