Nueva Mama Tip 3: Prepping that Pelvis

Generally speaking, toward the ends of their pregnancies (especially if it’s a first-time pregnancy) many of my friends ask me how they can prepare for birth. For the most part, your body’s readiness is individual, but there are some positions you can practice to open your pelvis and smooth the birthing process. This little cheat sheet provided by CAPPA is a great example of positions to try both before and during labour:


Additionally, the folks at Toronto’s Opet Childbirth Services have a wonderful website recommending 4 things to prepare the pelvis for childbirth:

  1. Kegels
  2. Squatting
  3. Mitigating Constipation (let’s face it, unhappy bowels get in the way of most things, birth included)
  4. Perineal Massage

Opet offers a bit more detail on their website on exactly how these 4 steps may help you prepare for birth. I highly recommend taking a quick glance and deciding if the steps are right for you. You can explore their page beginning at:


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