Ain’t Missin’ a Thang in Missoula

I pulled into a smokey Montana on Sunday with the intention of leaving on Tuesday.

I’m now staying until Saturday.

I’m sitting on Asheley’s couch, writing this blog and drinking a local Missoula beer, and am feeling pretty darn relaxed.

After packing a full 8 days in, I got to Montana and decided to stay awhile and take a load off. Despite the haze from nearby forest fires in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, there is a kind of homey feeling here. It reminds me a lot of Kamloops, in an American sort of way. One third gangster, one third country and cowboys, one third hipster university student. There are trucks everywhere and tall men. There are countless breweries and more than 40 quaint little bars to choose from (Kamloops ain’t got that). Whatever your style of bar, you’ll probably find it here.

Some of the spots we checked out (more to come tomorrow, I’m certain):



I also discovered The Good Food Store, which is the most massive Whole Foods type environment I’ve ever seen (though their granola section was seriously lacking due to renovations). They have a smoothie bar and bakery on the one side of their store, and since this place is 5 minutes walking from where I’m staying well … let’s just say I have a smoothie and baked good a lot.

On Wednesday while I was deciding whether or not to stay until Saturday, I biked my way around the beautiful river trails around here and popped by Out to Lunch – an outdoor music show that they put on weekly at Caras Park.


After parking my bike next to me in the shade, I pulled out my avocado snack, and enjoyed some live tunes. As I then biked home, I caught a group doing yoga in the park, so I went and did yoga near them (but heaven forbid I actually do yoga WITH them, that would require me to be less shy …) Then after I kept biking, I got lost a few times, but eventually found my way. It was kind of an awesome summer day.

Tonight we’re off to a music festival with all the friends. Should be fun; smoke can’t keep us down and inside (though we might end up with respiratory diseases because of it … oh well).

Missoula’s sucking me in!


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