Shuswap Lake Getaway

Everyone should go to the Shuswap.

IMG_0055Screen shot 2015-06-14 at 11.16.17 AMThe lake is a short 4-5 hour drive from Vancouver, and it’s a beautiful getaway. Having grown up in Kamloops, the Shuswap was the place where many of the middle-class families shared cabins, or went for day-trips. My family couldn’t afford a cabin of our own, but this lake nonetheless became the place where I first went houseboating, learned to water ski, and spent many youthful weekends camping. It’s 300+ square kilometres of warm water and sunny days.

IMG_0039 As I was driving across Canada, my friends had arranged everything through VRBO. The “cabin” had views to the waterfront, a BBQ, a firepit, a canoe, and most importantly, a hot tub. IMG_0038So what did we do at the cabin? We spent the 5 days lounging, alternating between bathing suits and pajamas. We had pre-planned our meals, so every night sampled delicious menus including steak and asparagus, tacos, hamburgers, salmon and potato casserole. The end of April weather wasn’t hot by any means, but it was perfect for an early-summer escape.

IMG_0004We spent some mornings going for walks down to the lake, enjoying some peace on the dock. One morning we were even surprised by a pair of moose who were making their way down to the lake. We watched them move down, get into the water, and swim across to the other side. IMG_0002The girls I went with were beautiful souls. A few were skilled at fire-making (classic interior of BC girls), others were better at grilling, and I was naturally best at drinking mimosas and caesars. IMG_0047


IMG_0009This week trip was exactly what I needed after my long journey, and my stressful end of term exams. It turned out to be a really nice reintroduction to the mountains, to BC, and to my friends. It was also a nice escape from my current housing reality, and the moldy house I was slated to return to …

Not sure what you’re waiting for, but get your Shuswap cabin experience on the calendar … now!


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