The Last Stretch of Level 1

I’ve been swallowed whole by final assignments and anatomy exam study preparations. All day, from 9am to midnight, all I do is write papers and learn about the gastrointestinal structures, the kidneys, the reproductive organs, and beyond.

Essentially, I look like this on a daily basis:


The uterus does what now? 

It’s hard to imagine that these things all happen in our bodies every day. I feel a bit silly for not actually having known these things before; I mean, it’s my body, isn’t it? Why don’t I know what my kidneys are filtering out of my body to keep me healthy? Then again … why would I want to know that unless I had to?

Ultimately, I guess I’m privileged that I find all of this of interest, and that I have a desire to learn it. Not to mention the fact that I’m blessed to be in a program that is willing to teach me. It’s all very fascinating, and actually quite mind-blowing … naturally, by that, I mean I hope its interesting enough to just blow itself right into my mind for a pass on the exam …

Time to get on with it now. Coffee is fresh; cup is full. Concepts are (hopefully) ready to be connected. Send me luck on Saturday morning!


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