Nueva Mama Tip: Give the Breast Crawl a Try!

I had a dream last night that I gave birth to a baby boy in the hospital under midwifery care. Very quickly after he was born, he began rooting on my chest. (As babies do, you know.)

Midwifery Science Moment: Often, within minutes of birth and with sufficient skin-to-skin contact, babies born in unmedicated births will begin to root around searching for the breast on their own! This is termed the breast crawl  and is instinctual newborn behaviour that generally results in successful newborn suckling without any intervention. *MIND BLOWN*

Back to dream world. Being a [dream] midwife myself, I was excited to see my new [dream] baby exhibiting this positive behaviour. However, I found that when my [dream] baby did find the breast, he wouldn’t latch well.

After three or four failed attempts at latching, my [dream] midwife came in. I was frustrated and told her he wouldn’t latch. I asked her to get me a lactation consultant on the double! She frowned, upset that I hadn’t called her to try to initiate breastfeeding together. She was annoyed that I tried to do it on my own.

Then I, naturally, got annoyed with her because she missed his rooting behaviour and the prime opportunity to help me with breastfeeding! Sigh. (After this other things happened that had nothing to do with breastfeeding initiation and more to do with a New Years Even party; so I will end this glimpse into my dream life here.)

What I cannot discern is if this dream is the world’s way of telling me that I’m on the right track and entering the right profession, or, if it is telling me that I am going to be an unbelievably annoying future midwifery client who is also a know-it-all.

Only time will tell, I guess. Only time will tell 🙂

PS: Now that you know a little bit more than you should about my subconscious, watch these two neat videos about breast crawling and blow your own mind!
[Warning though, these videos deal with newborns and breastfeeding … so … shockingly, there are actual breasts in the video. You should absolutely still watch them!]


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