Canadian Winters: A March Reflection

A weekend reflection …

Don’t watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It will make you want to go to Hawaii. hawaii

And, unfortunately, then you will realize you can’t go to Hawaii and that you live in Ontario, Canada. Follow this up with a CBC news reminder that the average temperature at Hamilton Airport was minus 13.6 C in February 2015 (the norm for February is minus 4.6 C) and if you are me, you would think fondly of last January when you were actually adventuring in Maui.

Officially, I am now taking donations to send Sonia to a beach at the end of April, when the windchill will probably only be minus 10C in Ontario. That’s an appropriate reason to use “Gofundme”… right?

In summary, Forgetting Sarah Marshal is a good movie choice, except when it is March 5 and you live in Canada and the forecast calls for a windchill of -25 on March 6. Happy daylight savings?

{For real though, there is one month left in the semester. I’m almost done year one you guys!}


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