The Miscarriage Post

Beautifully written post on miscarriage. As I delve more into the literature on this topic for an upcoming paper, I was directed to this post by a friend of mine. It’s nice to see an honest, recommendation-fuelled post about a subject that just simply isn’t discussed much amongst people trying to get pregnant and otherwise. Great post @freshfish!

ms. fresh fish

I’ve often wondered how many of the miscarriages that happen in this city come to my knowledge. I get questions all the time, mostly from friends who have family, colleagues or friends who are recovering from one. They just don’t know what to say and ask for guidance. I feel honoured that people would come to me, and it makes me thankful that I’ve been so open about our journey. Maybe, just maybe, it’s helping others, even if just a bit.

So, here are the common features of my suggestions for what to say to someone who has had a miscarriage:

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