Nueva Mama Tip 2: Is my baby getting enough breast milk?

One of the main things I hear from my friends who are breast feeding is that they don’t think their babies are getting enough milk. This is almost universally untrue, but here are some great tips to help reassure you that your baby is getting what it needs if breast feeding is your choice of feeding:

Signs of milk transfer (From the Clinical Guidelines for the Establishment of Exclusive Breastfeeding)

  • sustained rhythmic suckle/swallow/breathe pattern with periodic pauses
  • audible swallowing
  • relaxed arms and hands
  • moist mouth
  • breast softening while feeding
  • relaxation or drowsiness
  • thirst of mother
  • uterine contractions or increased lochia flow during or after feeding
  • milk leaking from the opposite breast while feeding
  • nipple elongated but not punched or abraded after feeding


Struggling with breast feeding? 

We had a Lactation Consultant come and speak to us today about breast feeding and how they help women improve their breastfeeding experiences. What an informative and beautiful profession!

Things you should know about Lactation Consultants:

  • They are generally covered by Canadian health care (though some work privately, so take care to do some research).
  • They work with abnormal, but can help with normal too. Your health care provider can refer you.
  • They are health care professionals, who have a health science background and generally a lot of experience.
  • Find one in your area here: 

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