Music Monday! Hozier, Take me to church

Beautiful tune. Thinking of a beautiful soul named Rick today. He is the father of my favourite twins; two of the strongest and most amazing people I know.

Life has a weird way of reminding you about what is important – Rick had pancreatic cancer metastatic to the liver, discovered suddenly on Dec 26. How is it possible that my Dad and the the Dad of my twin best friends have the exact same cancer?

He died on New Years Eve, and all I can think is, “WHY DO I LIVE WAY OVER HERE?” I’m missing all the important things.

Flashing back to last year on the day before my Dad died, one of the twin’s friend’s had a dream that my Dad and Rick were talking to each other. Rick was telling my Dad that everything would be ok. I like to believe that my Dad must be with him now, somehow, and the two of them are happy together. How else do you handle this?


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