Hebammen – German Midwives Bring Happiness

While visiting my family this Christmas, I learned that midwives in Germany are under a lot of stress because the cost of their liability insurance is growing, and therefore, their potential clients are increasingly choosing c-sections. Unfortunately, because the German midwives are self-employed, after they pay the insurance they are left with very little income, which means fewer women are choosing midwifery as a career and ultimately, fewer midwives are available to work with German mothers.

When I wrote about c-sections a couple of months ago, I did so from a purely Canadian perspective, so it surprised me to learn that this was also happening in Germany, where midwives are more established.  As Germany moves toward more c-sections and more medicalized births, I think it’s important to recognize the wonderful work that German midwives do. This video really struck me as beautiful, demonstrating the impact that one midwife really can have on families; and, it happened to be German 🙂 Enjoy!


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