Feeling griefy. The year mark.

“They watch the year mark of their loved one’s death approach with nervous anticipation and, as much as they wish it could be like any other day, they know it just can’t. They know everything will stop and they’ll be forced to reflect on the last year. They’ll probably remember the day their loved one died and they’ll probably reflect on the year they’ve spent with grief.  They’ll of course want to declare that even though their loved one’s been gone a year, they love them just as much as the day they died.”
Source: whatsyourgrief.com

A year ago today was the most difficult day of my entire life. I think my post from that day describes things enough.

My life has changed so much.  Different province, different friends, different person.

But the same love for my Dad that envelopes my entire being when I think of him.

Today, I’m writing an Anatomy and Physiology final exam and taking things minute by minute. As I go from station to station trying to identify arm, leg, and brain specimens, my thoughts will only be of my Dad.

I needed all my strength then, and I hope I can summon it again today.






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