Maybe I’ll … Things I’ve Thought While ProcrastaStudying

  1.  Maybe I’ll read Anne of Green Gables again. It’s only been, maybe, 14 years since I last read it. It’s probably changed.
  2. Maybe I’ll learn to knit. Because, well … all midwives knit, right? It’s a required course in becoming a midwife.
  3. Maybe I’ll clean the bathroom. Because, when do I EVER want to clean the bathroom?
  4. Maybe I’ll look up that person I haven’t spoken to in years but is still on my Facebook for some reason … RIGHT NOW. This is urgent, because what if they are planning on deleting me soon because it’s been so long since I’ve liked something on their wall?
  5. Maybe I’ll … write a blog post.
  6. May I’ll … edit 75 photos from my 2013 Turkey trip and finally post the last of the snaps.
  7. Maybe I’ll … look up trips to Iceland!

Seriously though, I’m yearning for a new travel adventure. I’ve been in one place for too long and Iceland or England sound lovely for Christmas. Right? Right?



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