School-life balance

Oh god school. I forgot about how all consuming it is, and how you can’t leave it on campus when you go home. It follows you like a creepy stalker, all day and all night.

Despite knowing this, I still have several discussions with my new friends about wanting a “school-life balance” … and then, one of the gals in my class sent me this:

blog school


To elaborate:

  • I want to work out like I used to. Every day. Because it makes me feel good. But then I end up staying up late writing 300 flash cards on the neuroganglia and cry a little inside.
  • I miss my friends and grown-up life. Going to TO to see my grown-up friends makes me both miss this more and  also reminds me that I have a separate life beyond study groups, team-based learning, and midterms. Professional work is so close yet so far.
  • I’m making friends, and want to spend time with them. But. Sometimes I leave the house at 7am and all-of-a-sudden it is 7pm and I’m back at my desk at home studying the cranial cerebral arteries and the Circle of Willis (which, other than the fact that it helps prevent strokes in the brain, sounds cooler than it is … trust me).
  • Sometimes, when I’m walking around with my backpack, I feel like I’m 6 years old because it bumps up against my bum. This is not really related to the decagon above, but I find it funny.
  • There should be an Estate angle to this decagon.

I’m getting it all done, and I’m still loving everything. But let’s not pretend that being a student means you have more time for things; I think that’s a lie concocted to convince people to quit their full-time permanent jobs with pensions and go back to school full-time to become midwives.

I’m following my passion you guys!


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