Canada: Grand Beach, Manitoba

The sun was starting to set when we entered the Winnipeg general area. The night before we had decided camping in Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg would be a good, economical and fun idea.

Online we saw that there were lots of available campsites, so figured if we got there early enough we could just drive in. But as we drove into Winnipeg, we wanted to make sure we had a spot, so my brother called.

Naturally (as seems to be my karma most of the time), they said they could no longer take reservations for that day. We chanced it, and took the one hour detour north. The road was empty, the sunset red and purple to our left, and we got there just as the final light was disappearing into the night.

Travel Tip: When we pulled up and grabbed a campsite, I felt silly for doubting that you can’t just drive up to any Provincial Park before 10:00pm, on a non-busy day, and get a campsite. The park people just come around the next morning and ask you to pay for your spot. Do it. This usually becomes a $22 well spent.

After arriving, my brother and I set-up the tent like experts (in the dark, no less). We chose the foamie over the air mattress for Gemini’s sake, and used some of my bedding as a cover. We then listened to music quietly and fell asleep with frogs croaking in the distance.


Frog finding the next morning.


Our home for the night.

Gemini was hilarious, sitting ever vigilantly by the screened tent door, protecting us. She ate, and by the next morning she was sleeping on the foamie next to me. My cat is so awesome, she even used the litter box. In a tent. Like a boss.IMG_6653.JPG

So anyway. The next morning we got up at 7:45am to get ourselves to the beach. Suits on, we spent about an hour and a half on a beach that made me feel like I was on Cape Cod.


Grand Beach, Manitoba

Then it was time to set off toward Ontario and Dryden, and toward the best day of our trip! Manitoba definitely redeemed its reputation over last year’s experience.


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