Regina – The City That Rhymes With Fun!

Regina isn’t somewhere I thought I would ever go more than once. But I did, again!

And this time, it was quite fun. My brother and I first made a quick stop in Moose Jaw to catch up with our favourite Canadian moose, and then drove into the city followed closely by a bloody sunset.


Since we’d had such a crap experience with a hotel in Calgary, I decided to look up hostels in Regina. Turns out there is one! So I called and crossed my fingers for a hostel that accepts pets.

They didn’t.

But, the amazing receptionist Lindsy said she would happily take her for the night. WHAT! So we arrived, dropped Gemini (I worried about her all night) and then enjoyed a nice walk in the park overlooking the parliament buildings.

The HI hostel in Regina is clean, economical, and friendly. The showers could use some updating, but I have stayed in far worse accommodations and a private room cost us $50.


Now you can’t go to Regina and not stop by the RCMP Heritage Centre,  (gets 4.4/5 stars, ya’ll) and see where every single Royal Canadian Mounted Police person gets his or her training. They even have an exhibit where you get to solve your own crime (my favourite). Not to mention the tour of the training facility is done on little golf cart trains, which is more fun than you’d image.




We ended our stay with a delicious breakfast at Mr. Breakfast (a must-stop for delicious fare in the city) and began the 8 hour journey toward Winnipeg, where we decided it would be a good idea to try camping with a cat.


Stay tuned …


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