Canada: Staying in Calgary

Well, we made it.

My first set of goodbyes were in Vancouver & Squamish with all my friends (save one, not bad!) and my favourite little girls. I tried not to cry as little K. left for daycare. Of course when she said, “You don’t have to be sad, Sonia,” and leaned in for a hug, I just cried more.

And then, I was off from the West Coast. I stopped in Kamloops to load the trailer, get my cat and brother, say goodbye to my Dad’s good friends, and on Saturday afternoon, I set off to Revelstoke.IMG_6392.JPG

After an all-too-short dinner and breakfast with J., we jetted through the Rockies to Calgary. We definitely had to take a break at one point because we could smell the brakes (funny, I always thought going uphill would be what hurt my car the most).


In Calgary I had made plans to have dinner with my friend T., but when we arrived we had accidentally booked a hotel that didn’t allow pets. So, we frantically switched to the neighbouring hotel Ramada, while T. graciously waited.

What we got for $130 was absolutely awful. Here’s a link to my brother’s review of the place:

And here are some things I could have bought with $130:

– A beautiful dress from
– This soft travel bag, that would’ve been more comfortable than the beds at the Ramada.
– A cheap window air conditioner for Hamilton’s humidity
– 130 songs on iTunes.
– 2,600 five cent candies
– This black motorcycle jacket, that I could’ve used to keep me warm and just slept on the ground outside.

We had a bit of trailer sway on the way to Calgary on the downhills, but otherwise we did well. Regina is better, I’m sure of it.


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