Things I lost while traveling South America

I’ve been able to inventory my belongings finally, now that I’m home. I’ve lost some things, like …

  • Underwear. I don’t even know what to tell you about that, but it’s an unsolved mystery.
  • Socks. And I don’t even have a dryer to blame.
  • A towel (then I climbed through a window to steal it back)
  • My iPhone
  • My new towel that Kim brought me  (luckily I found my old towel through that window …)
  • My mind
  • Kim (then I found her, in a parade crowd)
  • My Lululemon hoodie
  • My sense of hygiene
  • My fear of vehicles while crossing the road.

Things I did not lose:
– Kim
– My passport
– My wallet



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