South America – Stargazing in Chile

In San Pedro de Atacama (Northern Chile) you can see amazing stars. Things we learned while star gazing:

  1. Incest was prevalent in England, back when people thought the world was flat.
  2. There are blue and red stars. Blue stars are hotter. Red stars are jealous.
  3. There are about 10 falling stars in the San Pedro de Atacama sky, per hour.
  4. Most stars are actually double or triple stars. The sun is a rarity, being a single star.
  5. When you’re cold, close your legs. A valuable life lesson, not just to keep you warm …
  6. The rings around Saturn are ice, and you can see them looking through a telescope in Chile.
  7. Canadians can be assholes who take flash photographs while stargazing.
  8. Hot chocolate tastes amazing after -2 degree stargazing. In Chile.
Hot chocolate. So delicious.

Hot chocolate. So delicious.

Asshole Canadian #1

Asshole Canadian #1

Asshole Canadian #2

Asshole Canadian #2

In summary, go stargazing in Northern Chile with an inappropriate Canadian astronomer guide (or through the very amazing Space who have very knowledgeable and hilarious guides).


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