South America – Otovalo Market Day

I’m lying on a giant, warm stone, surrounded by fellow travellers. We are at Cotacachi Cayapas lagoon, and are all so tired from a morning at the famous Otovalo textile market that we can’t possibly imagine getting into that there small motorized boat and touring the lagoon on the water itself.

This is nice, though. I could nap here, on this warm rock, with this view.


As I lie here, I think back to the Otovalo market we just left, and the beautiful textiles, food, and jewelry

Ecuador09_pm_wm.png   Ecuador010_pm_wm

I sit up and can sense a communal disappointment in the “tour”, though. While beautiful, the tour we were sold was not what we expected.

  • Our guides didn’t speak English, so needed two guys in our group to translate for them.
  • Lunch was not included.
  • They dropped us off and left us, for hours at the market, where the non-Spanish speakers clung closely to the speakers in hopes of getting a decent deal and some bartering support. I’ve never been more grateful to have my language.
  • After the market, the exhausted group went to a lunch spot where we had tough chicken and watched You Tube videos (but it had wifi?)

In the end, it was definitely not worth the “spendy” $35 USD cost, based on the fact that we weren’t offered much more than transportation (which could have been $5 by bus).

Oh well.

I’m in Ecuador, at a beautiful lagoon, surrounded by new friends from all over the world. That’s probably worth $35, at least.



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