Life Lessons: People Like Bill

This is my neighbour, Bill.20140502-015940.jpg

The very day he and his wife found out my Dad was sick, they came straight over with a plate full of treats and offers of help. Bill shovelled our driveway in the winter when we couldn’t get to it, and after my Dad passed, it was Bill who came over on that fateful, minus 20 degree day, to look at my stupid broken furnace.

Bill and his wife are the kindest of kind people. Every day he goes across the way and helps our other neighbour redirect water that is pooling in her yard. He declined the strata’s offer to hire help, because he wanted to save our neighbour money. That’s the kind of guy Bill is.

At the yard sale, the whole neighbourhood came over and wanted to chat with me. It was really the first time I had met a lot of people in the strata. So I asked Bill if the little plot of land that has the strata sign on it was my responsibility to weed kill, and he said no.

That brings me to yesterday. I was standing outside, pretending like I knew what I was doing in the yard and “assessing” the lawn. I had just bought a bag of fertilizer and was trying to think of when to use it.


So here comes Bill, holding a large, yellow spray bottle. He tells me that he happened to be chatting with the strata gardener, and mentioned my curiosity about who would take care of the little plot. He asked the gardener on my behalf to get it weeded this week. Wow, thanks Bill!

Meanwhile, back to that spray bottle. It was weed killer. He asked me if I wanted to borrow some, since he had lots, and I immediately said yes (while also thinking … who has “lots of weed killer” just lying around …?). He explained to me how to use the contraption, and that it would only kill clover and broad leaf weeds. Fabulous. Just as I was going to grab it, he said, “You know, why don’t I just do it for you? It shouldn’t take too long!”

Speechless. Sure, Bill, THANKS!!

Now let’s reflect on Bill’s lawn. Bill’s lawn looks fake. It’s green, amazing, and … well, I would sleep on that lawn, if it wasn’t weird.


So I asked him how he gets it to look so good, because well, if my Dad’s lawn can look that good this house will sell in no time! Was it just weed killer? Or will my plan to toss around fertilizer also help?

Bill, in the kindest way, asked me if I had a spreader for fertilizer.

*Blink Blink*

When he gets a blank response and a nervous, awkward laugh, he starts on a story about how when he was young, he once fertilized his lawn without a spreader and ended up with a crazed, uneven mess. “Kids, you know. We didn’t know anything about anything!”

I stared at him and sheepishly admitted that I, too, was going to just throw fertilizer on the lawn and hope for the best. He gave me a wise look and said he would lend me his spreader.

Sweet! Time to Google “using a fertilizer spreader”.

We chatted some more, and before he left he said, “You know what, why don’t I just come over tomorrow and fertilize for you. It’s better to do it tomorrow because its supposed to rain on Friday, so you’ll have a nice even application that will hopefully stay.”

So this is my neighbour Bill. He’s applying fertilizer to my lawn and joy in my heart.


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