Boys and Girls; Deer and Parrots

The yard sale was very tiring, but in the end the day turned sunny and we sold a few things. Around 4pm, we take to sorting the remaining items in the driveway. We take pictures of what was valuable for Kijiji, what was going to be thrown away, and what to donate.

While we are doing this, two little kids ride by us. The little boy, probably about 8 with a buzz cut, is on a scooter. The little girl, maybe 9 or 10, is on a bike with a purple helmet that’s too big for her. They ride by, and get just close enough to see what we have left, but not close enough to actually talk to us. I watch them out of the corner of my eye as I try to sort the things into their three categories. They mumble to each other and then leave.

Five minutes later they are back. They keep their distance, but I can hear them this time:
Girl: “Shhh, ya … it’s ok though, I don’t have any money.”
Boy: “I HAVE MONEY! I HAVE $16 in my pocket right now. I can spend it on anything. I’ll buy it for you.”
Girl: “No, it’s ok.”

They bike away.

Five minutes later they are back.

Boy: “Well do you want it or don’t you. I can buy it, I have $16 in my pocket you know.”
Girl: “Yes, I know. I have my own money. I don’t need you to buy it.”
Boy: “Well, just sayin’. Are you going to buy that stupid thing or not?”
Girl: “I don’t know!!”

He leaves, she follows.

… aaaand they’re back.

Boy: “Is is that one? If you don’t want to buy it I’ll get it for you. I have money. Sixteen dollars.”
Girl: “I’ll get it.”

She approaches me and asks me how much the little deer figurine is. I’m sort of elated, because I LOVED that thing as a little girl, and kind of feel a pang of … jealousy? Weird. I tell her it’s two dollars. She gives me a twoonie, and proudly walks toward the boy and tries to get back on her bike, precariously holding a porcelain deer in one hand and a handlebar in the other.

Boy: “I don’t know why you spent your money on that.”
Girl: “Because I wanted it!”
Me (Because I’m a grown up?): “We girls can spend money on whatever we want!”
Girl: (Now inflated with pride) “Ya! I can spend my money however I want!!”

I kind of chuckle to myself and continue to sort, glad the deer went to a fun little home. Then, this whole process begins again, but instead the boy is on a bike and the girl is walking. He still has $16, and she still needs 4-5 drive-by’s to see if she wants … that crazy hanging parrot!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

That was the most fun, four dollars I have ever earned.

What exhausting but fruitful day. I feel like my Dad is still taking care of me, somehow. He knew I needed to get rid of his random things, and conveniently the Dallas garage sale happened upon me in Old Bitty Fitness Class.

Thanks, Dad. You’re the best.

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