Sell Those Man Things!

PROBATE WAS APPROVED!!! AHHHHH!!!  I applied in December to have the estate reviewed by the courts and the Will legalized to me as Executor, and last week I got the magical phone call. I’m elated.

But … this means I have to sell … EVERYTHING. The house, of course, ASAP. But I also have to sell everything that is inside it.

My Dad had a lot of stuff. And as much as I thought I knew what he had, I really didn’t. Because people use closets to hide all types of random things; and, then have small or large boxes within those closets that also have more things, like miscellaneous key chains, keys, candles, or greeting cards. These things accumulate over the years, and often, we don’t look back at them.


Last week I spent hours and hours going through and pulling everything out of the closets. I found encyclopedias, tools, VHS tapes, cassettes, binoculars, a bear rug, a smoker, four comforters, an industrial heater … the list goes ON.


Now, when you’re a relatively youthful female who almost always relied on her Dad to fix and know things about tools … you really don’t even know what you’re looking at when you find a blue plastic box filled with extension cords, tools, bolts, wheels, sand paper, and other manly things.

Or that box full of hitches and wheels and screws … what do I do with that? Sell it? Dump it? Give it away?

Things that have crossed my mind while looking through these man-things:

  • What is that dirty looking ball of metal even for?
  • Ew.
  • Oh no, my sundress is stuck on the lawn mower!!!
  • This washing machine is incredibly heavy.
  • What the fuck is this?
  • Oooo! How handy, I’m going to keep this.
  • Don’t be ridiculous, you don’t need this or even know how to use it.
  • I wonder if XXX friend needs … [a tube/three axes/a golf cart/moose antlers]

Clothes are easy. Hats, decorations, a bookshelf; I can do that. But a chainsaw? A rusted sledge hammer? Random pieces of spare wood? A WASHING MACHINE?



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