After my Dad died, I thought a lot about happiness. What happiness means to me. What more happiness I want out of life.

When I think on it, I learned through tremendous sadness, how wonderful and generous people are; and how wonderful and generous I want to be in return. I find it funny how people react to kindness sometimes, like there’s some sort of sneaky reason to why a person has done something nice for you.

Anyway, as I reconfigure my version of happiness, you’ll find me more vocal about my gratitude, and saying “I love you” more often. You’ll find me now offering to help and participate in life where I can. More so than before.

I feel more present and more awake now, less suspicious. That’s a great way to feel, after all that’s happened; and for that, I am tremendously grateful. I could be down in the dumps every day, but I’ve been blessed with an optimistic foundation. If we all just did nice things for each other, imagine how much brighter our days would be?

This video kind of summarizes it for me. I’d like to work toward being more like this guy; which is pretty much exactly how my Dad was. Enjoy (try not to cry) and do give someone some happiness today; I bet you won’t regret it.



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