The Bitties – Episode 3, Types of.

There are different types of women who attend fitness classes.

1. The Grouchy Girl.
She hates working out. She’s vocal about it. The instructor compliments – “Look at our sexy arms!” and Grouchy Young Girl lifts her arms and says, “Look at these fucking sexy arms!” while aggressively wiggling her arm fat. Young lady, take the compliment and move on. I can throw an f-bomb around too, but only for awesome emphasis. You look great, own it!

2. The Opinionated Nerd.
She wears glasses.  She’s always got something sarcastic and smart to say, but she says it under her breath so barely anyone hears it except the instructor.  She loves the camaraderie, and I bet if she was louder we would all laugh at her jokes that cross the line.

3. The Popular Lady.
Everyone follows her steps, because everyone likes her.  She’s in great shape for her age, because she knows the routine better than she knows what she’s going to make for dinner. She’s away this week and we are all lost without her.  People don’t even want to take her place at the front of the room.

4. The House Wife
Wears make-up, is thin and just plain little. She admits she didn’t walk to school, in a snowstorm, uphill, because her parents drove her there and then she married well … but she’s usually on vacation so that’s about all we know. She’s so very lovely, always smiling and keeps up with the best of them.

5. The Complainer
She just stops doing the exercises whenever the instructor takes a break to change the music or stops to tell a story. KEEP GOING. You are not allowed to complain that you’re fat, or tired, or whatever.  It’s less than an hour, and sometimes we just bounce around on balls. Literally. Come on lady! Let’s do this!

Man, I love coming to fitness class. These ladies really add something great to my life, as sarcastic as I might sound. I really do enjoy them each so very much.


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