Fitness Tales- Episode 1, Just another old bitty

Part of my re-introduction to the real world (I feel like a debutant?) involved giving my day structure.  I joined a gym, and there are morning fitness classes offered almost daily. It gives me a starting point for the day.

The first day that I arrived, I knew I was in for a treat and had to earn my stripes amongst the regulars.  Because the classes aren’t at 6am, most of the regulars who attend are retired or semi retired.  This makes for amazing entertainment for me, and a really fun work-out environment.  Let me say too, that these ladies are so friendly, all of them asking for my name minutes after I came in. I know most of their names now, and even what their relationships with their husbands are like.

Picture me and the cutest/oddest old bitties at Zumba today:

  • Woman#1 (me), out of synch with everyone and starting with my left instead of my right
  • A 65 year old woman flailing her arms from left to right
  • Another 50 year old woman swaying her hips jaggedly and completely out of tune with the upbeat latin music (but doing significantly better than me, so, she’s pretty awesome)
  • Woman #4, probably 70, wearing acid-wash coloured jeggings
  • Woman #1 (still me) gyrating my hips back and forth in what I think is supposed to be some sort of a grind, but instead looks like a gross bug landed on me and I’m having a minor freak out.

Yes. I’d say that summarizes it nicely.

Things usually go pretty well for me until half-way through the class, when THEN, suddenly we have to run around.  Seriously?!  This is part of the class? At least 10 women, most over 50, racing from one side of the room to the other with a loud and crazy Venezuelan instructor clapping and chasing after them.  Of course the first time this happened I was completely stunned, so I began running against the group (I think even with my arms flailing in the air a la Phoebe from Friends).

At one point, one of the old bitties pushed me backward and told me that I wasn’t doing it right.  HA! Listen lady, is running around some sort of an ancient latin dance move? Because I’m pretty sure I did this in kindergarten …

If there’s one thing I’ve learned though, it’s that you don’t mess with the senior citizens and their fitness class routine.

Stay tuned for more fitness bitty updates … if I survive …


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