Amazing things that have happened while grieving

1. I got a DHL Express package from Saudi Arabia! That can only mean one thing … my friend K. (who I went to Turkey with in April) is sending something! I open it up to reveal this amazing scarf from Nepal.  I’m in love and so grateful. Can’t wait to see you in the new year!

2. The neighbours from #3 dropped off a casserole for me and my brother.  Still warm, we ate the whole thing in one sitting (it went too quickly to even get a photo).

3. A previous co-worker sent me a tea pot and an assortment of teas from Davids Tea.  I have been drinking tea like its going out of style, and have surprised even myself with how much comfort it brings me. Thank you so very much, V.


4. The cute lady across the street dropped off a card and a $5 donation.  I cried.  It’s not about the money, but about the words people say about my Dad.  I’ll do another post on that, because there are patterns that I am so proud of. He made me proud to be his daughter.

5. One day, my poor brother was waiting at the door for the FedEx guy.  He is on pins and needles awaiting his new Xbox headset … only to find out that the FedEx package is not for him, but for me! A comfort package from my CIOE friends. There’s soup and crackers and the most amazing acai chocolate berry things.  I felt like I was transported to Vancouver.  You guys know me so well, thanks a million.20131222-172326.jpgIt’s definitely not about the presents.  It’s about knowing that people are thinking about you and are just there.  That’s pretty much the best someone can do for you, while you’re grieving.  Thanks friends.



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