Things changed

Last week my aunt gave me the gift of coming to Vancouver one more time. I went to a concert, felt love from my friends, and got to enjoy the Vancouver sunshine. Vancouver showed off for me.


The Mexicans were due to leave on Thursday, because at the end of the day having Mexican #2 here is too much for my Dad and our family.  I don’t say this to be rude (and it actually pains me to feel this way as a human) but dealing with a palliative situtation AND dealing with someone who has a mental illness is not what I call easy. It has tested me in ways I can’t begin to describe in a blog, but ultimately I am stronger because of it. That’s my takeaway.

Today. Everything changed.

I got to Kamloops to a Dad in the hospital with pneumonia. It was always a risk, but it’s scary now that it’s here. He panics because he can’t breathe; it’s heart wrenching. I can only soothe him and use elastin techniques to calm him. He’s on high-pressure oxygen (a mask with oxygen blowing in his face) but if it comes to it we will not intubate (put a tube down to help him breathe).

Is this it?

This is so fucking scary.

Please let the antibiotics work. He wanted to be at home.


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