10 Good Things

This week has been pretty challenging.  So I’m making myself a list of awesome things that happened.

  1. It snowed. My aunt was so happy that she thought it was a gift from God.  She looked like a little kid; she was beaming.
  2. We got the Christmas tree up and have had Christmas music playing.
  3. My aunt, Dad, and brother loved my stir fry and ate every last bit.
  4. We drank rum and egg nog, my aunt for the first time.
  5. I learned that I am pretty good in an emergency situation.
  6. My friends reminded me that I am will get to some positive karma someday, if I focus on the good.
  7. I got to see my best friend J. and her little man, G.  He almost projectile puked on my face, but then, he didn’t. So that’s good.
  8. I went for a walk in the snowy moonlight.
  9. Our amazing neighbours in #3 came over to shovel our driveway.  The neighbour from #70 did our sidewalk.  My Dad and I went out to thank them, and they told us that as long as their driveways are clean, ours will be too.  Gosh people can be so kind.
  10. I found some good new tunes, including this one by Biblio:

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