Telenovela, Episode 1: The one where they almost crash into a home.

Scene: there are two Mexicans in Canada.  One has a drivers license, but forgot it in Mexico.  The other lined up, filled out a form, gave some blood, and got a drivers license two weeks before coming to Canada.

During this episode, “new-driver” Mexican nearly crashes into our front neighbours house while reversing out of the driveway!  Luckily, the other Mexican (who was also acting as driving instructor), thwarted terror by reaching over, praying to God, and yanking forcefully on the steering wheel until the truck reversed away from the oncoming house.  She then yelled FRENO!! (brake), until they came the a sudden stop.

Nicely parked.  Post incident.

Post incident Mexicans.

A one tonne truck then pulls up next to them, hauling a 20 foot boat.  He puts ‘er in reverse and parks that boat like a boss.

Boss man.

Boss man.

The other Mexican then says, “Oh look, I actually parked quite nicely on the side of the road and out of the way.”




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